Your online academy, your personal learning environment

Outside of your bubble

Do you want your organization to stand out? Don’t train what’s generic, but focus on what has to be excelled in! Those unique knowledge and skills form the basis of your company. And thus also the range of your unique academy.

Your employees start with what they need the most. Direct on-the-job support or learning new skills at their own pace. They learn where and when it suits them.Through short learning bites (microlearning) and together with colleagues through social and collaborative learning. Your colleagues create their own goals and priorities. We stimulate them to continue learning new things.  

Move fast

Opportunities? Your company changes fast. So does your academy. Start new learning journeys using fun educational formats. Develop with ease your own unique learning content and extend it with external content. Localize, translate and unroll internationally in no time. We will help you with every step. 

After going live successfully, we monitor users’ progress and input. Data driven. So you can make adjustments. 

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