The road to an efficient learning solution

The road to an efficient learning solution

Who has to learn? What has to be learned? Why do learners learn? Where are they learning? How are they learning?

If you want an efficient learning solution, those are the crucial questions to be answered. But it’s this that is often not so easy.

We, TinQers, love - and are also good at - finetuning the answers to these learning questions together with you. Because a good analysis of the learning question implies the difference between effect and no effect. For this reason and from our expertise and experience within different projects, fields, timings and budgets, we developed our own method: TinQooker

Every TinQooker is unique

In accordance with each client and their questions, we determine the specific content of the TinQooker, but two components keep coming back: analysis and inspiration.

The TinQwise moderator pays a lot of attention to preparing this session and will therefore carry out preparatory interviews with the client, gathering as much resource material as possible concerning the learning question.

During a TinQooker session, the Tinqwise team carefully oversees that all necessary subjects are dealt with so that the client can continue tangibly and effectively with the project, independently or in co-creation with the Tinqwise team. 

Every TinQooker is unique

What does a TinQooker look like?

During the session, we create a positive energy and the involvement necessary for a successful brainstorm and implementation of these kinds of projects.

The TinQooker session typically consists of the following stages: 


  • Stage 1: Analysis

    During this stage we finetune the problem definition and its context. We analyse the goals, target(s), pitfalls, preconditions and planning of the project in a pragmatic and creative way. This gives us a clear framework. 

  • Stage 2: Divergence

    We want to inspire you with some specific cases. What would and wouldn’t work for your project? Together, we think of an as big as possible variety of several possible solutions. 

  • Stage 3: Convergence

    We will not sell you any pipe dreams. In this stage, we select and combine the best ideas that could be executed within the framework we determined in the first stage. The solution itself is not yet on the table, but it’s already a step in the right direction. 

  • Stage 4: Action plan

    In this last stage, we translate ideas into specific actions, which will help us to take the next concrete steps. 

What is the result of a TinQooker?

At the end of the day, the team is in the right state of mind and aims in the same direction. Various possible solutions and a clear framework and action plan are also on the table.

A TinQooker always leads to answers. Mostly even answers that might have otherwise not been there (or not immediately). And it so happens that that’s the best starting point for innovative and impactful learning solutions!

Want to know more?

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