Onboarding, that is IQ and EQ

Onboarding, that is IQ and EQ

Finding the right person for the job is not easy. Moreover, people don’t work at one company for years anymore and they want to get the maximum out of their job in a short amount of time. That makes it a challenge for HR managers to get the commitment of new employees. 25 % of all newcomers leave within the first year and the largest part of them even within the first 45 days. That soon costs a medium-sized company about € 25,000 on productivity per leaving employee!

A good onboarding program ensures more loyalty and better choices amongst new colleagues. It directly generates money if it makes employees stay longer, but also saves costs because unsuitable employees leave sooner.

At TinQwise, we know from experience that onboarding is successful when new employees feel happy and can use their talents quickly. Of course, it’s also about practical matters, but it starts with acknowledging the emotions newcomers experience.

And that starts during preboarding, between signing the contract and the first day at work. That’s how you create an even better connection between your company and your future colleague! 

Make onboarding special

with TinQwise onboarding solutions for every kind of company

If you want to start fast and efficiently …

TinQwise has joined and distilled more than 15 years of experience in onboarding in an innovative app, called Newbies.

Get started with standard content or add your own extra, unique topics.

Use Newbies stand-alone or link the app to your existing HR platform. Anything is possible.

Want to know more about Newbies? Take a look at our Newbies page.

If you want to start fast and efficiently …

If you want a little bit more …

If you want a little bit more …

Do you want a unique onboarding experience for your employees, tailored to your needs? Then TinQwise gladly helps designing and implementing an onboarding journey. Anything is possible, online and offline, in depth or in width, whether or not integrated in the tools of your choice. We make sure that your onboarding journey ‘sticks’ with your new colleagues!

Take a look at Custom Red to learn more about our custom-made solutions.  

If you want a little bit more …

Read more about onboarding?

Take a look at the five psychological principles that form the basis of our unique TinQwise onboarding approach.

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