Onboarding is emotion

Onboarding is emotion

People no longer spend years working for the same company and want to get the most out of their jobs in a short time. Combine this with the highest number of job vacancies ever and that sums up the challenge facing HR managers when it comes to bonding with new employees. 25 percent of all new employees leave within the first year, peaking in the first 45 days. That costs a medium-sized company around €25,000 in productivity for every departing employee!

A good onboarding programme generates greater loyalty and better choices for new colleagues. This makes you money if it causes them to stay for longer, but it also saves costs because people who don’t fit in your company leave earlier.

At TinQwise, we know from experience that onboarding is successful when new employees feel happy and can quickly start using their talents. There are also practical matters that need to be dealt with, of course, but it all starts with emotion. With our TinQwise Newbies onboarding line, we make onboarding special by responding to the specific emotions that people experience when they start a new job.

Make onboarding special

With TinQwise Newbies onboarding packages for every type of company

Our TinQwise Newbies onboarding product line was designed for the psychological challenges a new job evokes in people. The underlying principle: everybody is a newbie. No matter how experienced you are, when you start in a new job, there will always be new things you have to deal with. Newbies helps you quickly find happiness in your work and make a good start. And Newbies also connects colleagues. Onboarding successfully is not something you do by yourself; you do it together.’

The five psychological principles that are the basis for Newbies are provided here.

We have an onboarding package for every type of business, for every budget and for every time frame. Check them out below.

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