‘Digital separates winners from losers’

‘Digital separates winners from losers’

The battle between man and machine. Who will win? Where will the digital transformation take us? 

We don’t have all the answers, but we know that it will greatly impact people – and that our own innovative learning solutions also contribute to it. It’s crucial that companies can adapt instantaneously to fully digital services and/or digital disruption in their field. Ranging from digital supply chain management, data analysis, and digital marketing, to focusing on online sales and customer communications through Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. This sets a new standard for how people work and the skills they need to have, but also for how you train your employees and keep them on top of their game.

Today we notice companies massively investing in digitisation, in digital processes with digital tools. But what about the people? Is it enough to educate them on using these digital tools and these new working methods?

Here too, TinQwise strongly believes in the need to support the employees’ IQ and EQ during the process of ‘becoming digital’. To take away fear and resistance. To lower the entry treshold. To guide and motivate. Those are also crucial ingredients to a successful digital transformation programme.

And let TinQwise just be a specialist in designing and rolling out blended learning processes that cover IQ as well as EQ aspects for such a transformation. Be sure to take a closer look at our cases for more inspiration! 

Questions we get from clients

  • “How do I make sure our IT department stays ahead?”

  • “How do I integrate ‘agile working’ in my organisation?”

  • “How do I educate our staff on mobile banking?”

  • “How do I coach the marketing team to work data-driven?”

We re-invent learning

TinQwise helps your organization with training for, explaining, and experiencing the new digital reality. This ranges from knowledge creation among the front runners in your business, to explaining the basic steps to your staff so everybody can get on the same page.

The user and the goal are right at the heart of this. We analyze how the target audience learns best, then pick a learning method that suits them. This could be an online academy, a serious game, or a blended learning. Read more about our learning methods.

We re-invent learning

Clients we’ve helped to make their digital transformation happen

  • Belfius (BE)
  • ABN Amro
  • ING

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‘Digital transformation: off to a good start?’ – A strong learning strategy is half the work: read the blog on this topic by Learning Specialist Ilse Leen.

 'Digital separates winners from losers', as is shown in research from McKinsey. Read more about McKinsey Quarterly here.

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