How to break with the drag of learning rules

How to break with the drag of learning rules

Compliance. A fancy word for complying with rules that people agreed upon to work together in an honest and sincere way.

However, to be able to apply these rules, you first have to know them. That is also often the question that we primarily get from clients: being able to really show the well-known checkmark to all kinds of controlling bodies.

Nevertheless, rules are never black and white. They are full of compromise and only exist by grace of context. Knowing the rules is not the same as feeling the rules. It doesn’t mean that people can and will apply them. In short: if your employees can only reproduce the rules, your organisation won’t get very far. But step 2 – applying and internalising – is much harder to train.

At TinQwise, we already have years of experience in innovating learning solutions facilitating knowledge, application and internalisation.

How we do this? Like this for example:

  • We make people meet conflicting interests, we teach them the need for rules and provide insight in the short-term versus long-term impact.
  • We make employees experience what a violation does to you. That’s how you make a strong connection between choice and effect in a short amount of time. A connection that is engraved in your staff’s memory and feeling.
  • Sometimes we even make people experiment with making their own rules, thus growing insight in the origin and complexity of existing rules.
  • ...

Clients we’ve helped with their compliance

  • Avebe
  • Rabobank
  • IKEA

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