Serious gaming

More social, smarter and more fun

More social, smarter and more fun

Serious gaming utilizes a game to get the work done: making learning feel less like a lecture. This is a great learning method if you want to create behavioral change in an engaging manner. This can be done in real life with role play or in an escape room, but also in an e-learning or online academy with an online game or gamification approach. A simulation, a VR solution (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) is also an opportunity to educate your team.

The essence of a successful game is a combination of a convincing story, challenging goals and rapid feedback. As a player, this gives you a drive that ensures you can gain new knowledge more easily and learn new behaviour more effectively. Serious gaming works well for professionals that are sensitive about reaching targets.

Gamification is not a goal in itself, but a method.

At TinQwise, we first focus on the end user and the learning objective. We then advise, develop and implement the learning format.

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