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Content and context reinforce each other

Content and context reinforce each other

When there is a bigger learning question at play, with a clear need to train various skills that are interconnected, an online academy is the best choice. Research has demonstrated that people learn more efficiently when they understand the context of the knowledge, which is precisely what an online academy offers: everything you learn can be used immediately in practice.

Fred Paas, professor in Educational Psychology: "Imagine that you want to train your team leaders to strengthen their interpersonal skills, such as elementary conversation techniques, providing feedback, decision-making and leadership. You could decide to schedule a training of conversation techniques for this year and focus on decision-making next year. But you could also opt for integral training and create crossovers in various kinds of trainings. That allows you to connect things and create a wider frame of reference."

At TinQwise, we develop online academy in all sizes and forms. With captivating design or a bare bones approach. Mobile, desktop or even both. How can your target audience learn to the best of their abilities? That remains our main question at all times: we know that the more we tap into the experience and practice of the target audience, the greater the learning efficiency will be.

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