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Newbies Kickstart renders onboarding special

App-based onboarding

App-based onboarding

At TinQwise, we have been making tailor-made onboarding programs and onboarding apps for many years for companies like Hunkemöller, Randstad, Stedin and Young Capital. We have benefited from this experience in the new product line TinQwise Newbies. We have an onboarding package for every type of business, for every budget and for every time frame: the Newbies Kickstart onboarding app, the Newbies Special add-on package, and Newbies Custom, a comprehensive, tailor-made onboarding journey.

The philosophy behind Newbies: onboarding is emotion. A good onboarding programme should have an eye for the psychological challenges a new job evokes in people. Everybody is a newbie. No matter how experienced you are, when you start in a new job, there will always be new things you have to deal with. Newbies helps you quickly find happiness in your work and make a good start.

Look here for more information about onboarding and the philosophy behind Newbies.

On this page, you can read about how you bind new colleagues to the company successfully, using our onboarding app Newbies Kickstart.

Newbies Kickstart: onboarding app

With the Newbies Kickstart onboarding app, your new colleagues are up and running in five days. Newbies Kickstart renders onboarding special with a perfect user experience. Onboardees decide themselves when they learn. Newbies calls a spade a spade and does not make things more difficult than they are. Newbies also encourages new employees like a coach does, but they will have to do it themselves. In other words, Newbies Kickstart is onboarding from your pocket.

Five topics to bind new employees to your company

The Newbies Kickstart onboarding app has been divided into five topics with information and to-dos. In each of these topics, the three fundamental needs of onboardees are concentrated on: the need to contribute, the need to have a grip and autonomy, and the need to learn and improve. The eventual object is that new colleagues feel they are connected with the company. These are the five topics:

  • Get prepared. This pre-boarding topic helps new colleagues prepare for their first day at work. All information and to-dos the onboardees are provided with are meant to enthuse them, ease the tension, and provide clarity. This is exactly what new colleagues need when the first day at work is imminent.
  • Take care of the basics. In this topic, we help onboardees with all practicalities of the new job, such as access to systems and locations, information about the lunch procedure, or about the location of the toilet. If people know the practical matters, they will have more mental space to concentrate on their teams, the organisation and the work itself.
  • Feel at home. This topic is about the culture of the organisation. Culture is complex and invisible, and often manifests itself at an unconscious level. Sometimes it is also contradictory. Culture also means that people feel they are part of something much bigger than themselves. Therefore, this topic is about the Why aspect of the brand. What is the origin of the company? How does it make a difference in the market? What makes the organisation unique? What are the formal values and informal rules? What is the strategy for the future?
  • Make contact. Onboarding is something you do together. In this topic, answers are provided to questions like: Who do I work with? Who do I work for? Who knows what? Who knows who? Who can I ask for help if there is something I don’t know? The object is to create mutual trust between the new employees and their colleagues and to create a basis for a social network.
  • It is your move now. This topic helps new colleagues to be able to add value, for instance by getting to know the jargon, the roles, and the product or service, as well as by giving access to information: what are the major manuals and guidelines, what are the processes, and – not least of all – what are the rules that prevent you from making mistakes? In this topic, people are encouraged to think about what they need for their own development. We also help them ask feedback from colleagues.

What is the benefit of onboarding with Newbies Kickstart?

The Newbies Kickstart onboarding app ensures that new employees develop a sense of belonging faster: the sense that they fit in with the culture, that they know enough people, that they can move freely without making too many mistakes, and that they feel confident about their contribution. With this app we lay the foundation for happiness at work, productivity and drive. It is the foundation for fine colleagues you can rely on.