Onboarding is IQ ánd EQ

A new job, exciting! Your new employees are looking forward to it. But that enthusiasm can easily turn around if you don’t take into account what they really need.

25% of all newcomers drop out in their first year. The largest part of them even in the first 45 days.

Classic onboarding programs often don’t recognize the emotions that play a part in onboarding, but only deal with the practical things. Newbies does more.

Newbies boosts the confidence of new employees and challenges them to address colleagues and ask the right questions. That’s how newcomers will feel more at home in your organization. And then they stay!

Happy onboarding!

Innovative and comprehensive

Newbies meets all your needs when it comes to a fast and comprehensive onboarding.

Use the top quality basic content that sets up every newcomer and add your own accents and company-specific information. Of course in your corporate design.

Start fast and properly, with the possibility to expand gradually. Use Newbies as a stand-alone tool, plug-and-play or link it to your existing HR software.

Follow up your newcomers and cater to their needs in a flexible way, with fun mood surveys and insightful dashboards.

Basically, Newbies coaches, informs, stimulates, challenges and is tailored to your needs. 

Newbies works in five steps:

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