Little box of happiness

Leonidas’ pralines are a delicious gift familiar to most of us. Ever since 1913 Leonidas has had one mission: to create the most scrumptious pralines of the highest quality to be enjoyed by all. Essentially creating a box of chocolate-covered happiness.

To Leonidas nothing is more important than creating those treasured moments of happiness. And it all starts from the moment you enter the store: trained shopkeepers help you choose from more than 100 different pralines and let you discover never tasted before flavours.

Permanent support

To give their, mostly independent, shopkeepers the right king of support, Leonidas offers a wide range of training courses. These include both workshops in group as well as e-learning modules covering various specific topics.

To help keep shopkeepers interested and captivated by their blended learning programme, even long after the initial shop opening, Leonidas asked TinQwise to help create an inspiring online academy and a number of informative e-learning modules

Permanent support

Leonidas Chocolate Academy inspires you to create happiness

After thoroughly analysing both the needs of the company (through a TinQooker) and the independent shopkeepers (with a survey), it was clear the shopkeepers needed more information and inspiration to offer their customers a higher quality service.

Together with experts from Leonidas TinQwise created a first series of short, compelling e-learning modules covering topics such as Leonidas’ rich history, products and packaging, and food safety. In just a few simple steps, shopkeepers register for the online Academy and are free to go experience the different modules whenever and wherever they want.

A whole new series of modules is planned for the coming months. In a way, this also makes the Academy a little box full of happiness!

Leonidas Chocolate Academy inspires you to create happiness

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