Start straight away

Start straight away

Does your organisation need leaders? Immediately start a development procedure.

  • giving feedback
  • delegating
  • coaching
  • understanding others
  • team leadership or
  • stakeholder engagement.

In a period of 8 weeks, the participant develops a skill together with 20 other leaders. The programme is digital and consists of online classrooms, interventions, homework assignments and coaching.

It takes around 4 hours of the participant’s time every week.

We ask you as a HR or L&D manager to give us a minimum of your time. We start with an initial interview. Then you select 20 participants in your organisation and notify them and their supervisors. We do the rest!

  • TinQwise has developed the programme for every skill.
  • TinQwise supervises every participant during the eight-week programme and provides technical support during the online classrooms.

Take the first step today towards strengthening your organisation’s leadership.