Learning by experiencing

Immersive Learning

Some things need to be experienced before we can fully understand them. Because theoretical knowledge sometimes isn’t enough. But it doesn’t always work in real life. Because it’s not safe, is too expensive or too far, or there is too little time. However, it can be done with immersive learning.

For example, we taught engineers to recognise asbestos in virtual reality, we trained car mechanics with augmented reality to work with a car that still has to be delivered. We showed office employees wearing VR headsets how their decisions affect the work floor. And so much more...

Serious gaming

Do you want to activate your people in a fun way? People’s senses are activated when you take them out of their comfort zone! What happens, for example, when you put people in a different environment and give them an assignment?

TinQwise Immersive always starts with the learning objective. What do you want to achieve? What is your target group? And what motivates them? On that basis, we devise a creative game concept and then develop the game. Online, offline, or using a combination of the two. 

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