Rules are essential (but not sufficient)

From ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’ to ‘being’

Without rules, the safety, integrity and reputation of your organization are in danger. The risks have unforeseeable consequences: data spillage, occupational accidents, damage to health and environment. But just knowing and following the rules is not enough.

Every professional comes across questions of conscience once in a while. To deal with them with integrity, you have to have a healthy conscience. With EthiQs’ comprehensive approach, you can teach your people how to comply with the rules, you can train their conscience and ensure a lasting honest organization. 

High-impact and scalable

The EthiQs compliance solution offers:

A practical toolkit with constantly up-to-date modules about the most common compliance subjects (GDPR, competition, …), adaptable to your company, culture, specific cases and corporate design.

A plug-and-play learning platform, in your corporate design and easy to link to existing HR systems.

A data and reporting service for real-time insights.

A marketing toolkit for the internal promotion of your compliance efforts. 

EthiQs' 5 integrity rules

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