Escape Rooms

Take your team to the next level through gaming

Off-site sessions, you probably know them. A ‘get-away-from-the-office’ to determine new strategies and improve cooperation. But how do you get the most out of these sessions? By using Escape Rooms.

An escape room is the perfect accommodation for team building, introducing new organisational structures and onboarding new employees. Not only because it is outside the office, but because the focus is on learning from experience. Through a game.

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TinQwise Immersive
Specialized in experiences

Specialized in experiences

TinQwise Immersive specializes in making experiences. Because the experience itself is the best way to learn. We develop immersive learning solutions based on mixed, virtual & augmented reality and serious gaming. The escape room is a real-life serious game.

TinQwise Immersive:

  • Facilitates three hour team sessions in one of the top rated escape rooms in the Netherlands (Rock City Escape in Amersfoort)
  • Creates custom made escape rooms
Team sessions
What will you be doing?

What will you be doing?


During a premeeting you determine the issues the team will be working on. Prior to the team building event it is also possible to:

  • have the participants complete a test (e.g. Personality, Team role, Team Mirror).
  • have the team members submit answers to questions such as ‘What are our strong points?,’ ‘What are our weaknesses?’ or ‘What needs practice?’ etc.
  • conduct a telephone interview with the one or more participants.

In the Escape Room

During the 60 minutes challenge to escape the room a team coach observes the participants: Is key information shared? Are individual qualities utilized? Is somebody guiding and structuring relevant actions? Etc. 


During the review session the participants reflect together on the experience; they evaluate matters such as role assignment and corresponding qualities. Possibly there will be a follow-up assignment. This can take place indoors or outdoors, or once again in the escape room. 

Practical matters

The Escape Room can be played from a minimum of 3 persons up to a maximum of 6 persons. The full programme has a duration of approximately three hours. We also offer alternatives for groups from 12 to 18 participants.

The escape room is built in the cellar of the Onze Lieve Vrouw Ter Eemklooster (in Amersfoort, the Netherlands) and is easy to reach by car and public transportation. 

Practical matters
Your own escape room?
A custom made experience

A custom made experience

Nowadays escape rooms are so popular that many companies desire to have one of their own. However it is often overlooked that entertainment is quite different from learning & development. TinQwise Immersive has a unique mix of experience in both domains and enjoys helping you in successfully building your own company escape room.