EthiQs: Adapt and go

Do you want one solution that meets all your needs? TinQwise EthiQs translates legislation into concrete situations and explains the rules at the same time. So it involves instruction, but particularly interpretation of the rules and their proper application in context. That way, we help your employees weigh up their choices consciously and in a targeted way while finding the solution and in practice. 'Adapt and go' means:

You choose which policies are relevant for your employees:


o unfair competition

o transgressive behaviour

o conflict of interest

o doing business in an honest way

    • You determine the content of two cases for each policy, plus the corresponding 2 visuals.
    • Your company’s logo, font and colour applied where possible – for example the headings.


    • understandable language use
    • responsive, suitable for smartphone and desktop
    • immediate start and ready to use in two weeks

    Looking for more

    Are the policies just the start and are you looking for a complete solution? We can help you:

    • a Speak Up! Help line
    • a library for your internal code of conduct and other compliance documents
    • a package of internal communication resources
    • easy-to-use reporting tools so that you can keep track of progress at team level.