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IT is constantly changing. Especially within financial service providers like ABN AMRO. Due to the pace of technological change combined with the need for flawless customer experiences ABN AMRO must stay ahead when it comes to the quality of hardware and software andmost of all the quality of its staff.

IT professionals working at ABN AMRO must know what is happening in the field and within the bank. Therefore TinQwise developed 'Topolis'; a unique online learning solution that enables 5000 IT professionals simultaneously to become familiar with - and contribute to - the IT of the future. 

Topolis, the game

Topolis represents a virtual city, which is the context in which the online learning activities take place. The objective of each participating IT professional is to help the mayor to develop Topolis in such a way that the city becomes and remains sustainable and future proof. To achieve that objective the participants of the game are assigned various missions that require them to collaborate and share and apply knowledge.

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The learning solution has a two-stage approach. In the initial stage the participants learn individually about the new IT landscape of the bank. In the second stage, the participants become part of a team and develop skills relevant to applying the acquired knowledge and working together on real life business cases.


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Participating in Topolis stage 2 the teams also practice and learn the new - agile - way of working. Stage 2 is based on the principles of social learning. The team assignments additionally challenge the participants and motivate them to achieve more; they are facilitated to make the best use of each other’s strengths and enabled to compare their performance with that of team members. 

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Measurable success

In the last two years Topolis developed into a phenomenon within ABN AMRO IT. 

5.000 participants worldwide have completed more than 35.000 tests and account together for 350.000 page views per month. With these measurable outcomes Topolis has proven to be a successful learning experience. Even more so, IT Management at ABN AMRO has implemented a better and more efficient way of working due to new findings that have been made in the environment of Topolis. 

And the participants themselves? They are enthusiastic about the online learning activities; Topolis achieved a score of 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10) for overall learning experience. 

Measurable success


  • Can social learning only be used on digital platforms?

    No, social learning can be used in many different ways, online and offline. But, a digital game is very suitable to train large groups of people at the same time.

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