Tommy Hilfiger


A fantastic ánd consistent customer experience?

A truly global brand, Tommy Hilfiger wants all it customers to have a fantastic ánd consistent customer experience. No matter which shop they visit around the world: The Tommy Customer Experience , must be everywhere the same. This means that also new employees must start to work with certain knowledge and skills.

TinQwise developed the 'Tommy University'. A mobile learning platform that’s preparing new employees for their work in the Tommy Hilfiger stores, and keeps their product knowledge top notch. This means that new employees not only get on board effortlessly but also like stay on board – they feel totally connected and updated.


We use the metaphor of aUS college in the Tommy Hilfiger University. Learning from classes, chapters and Tommy Take-aways. Take-aways are brief learning bites that are attractive and challenging at the right moment. This is how we make learning personal and fun!


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Store managers would like to train their new employees, but they don’t always have time. That’s why TinQwise introduced the Tommy Guides: experienced colleagues get connected to new employees go through the onboarding process together.

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The design is based on the mobile firstprinciple, which means that the learning solution is first designed for a mobile device. Allowing to learn wherever and whenever. Naturally, everything also works on a desktop computer.



  • Is 'onboarding' only for new employees?

    No, it isn’t. It’s an excellent opportunity to brush up the knowledge of the entire organisation. 

    Find out more about onboarding.

The result

  • Tommy University

    Tommy University

  • Learning about products and processes

    Learning about products and processes

  • ‘Tommy Take Aways’: ‘learning bites’ are attractive and challenging

    ‘Tommy Take Aways’: ‘learning bites’ are attractive and challenging

  • Learn when and whenever thanks to the 'mobile first' design

    Learn when and whenever thanks to the 'mobile first' design

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use