Software training for logistical employees

Millions of containers move every day from one terminal to the other. To get goods where they need to be, it is essential for global terminals to operate efficiently. Navis, part of Cargotec Corporation, offers leading terminal operating systems, automation solutions and professional services for managing complex terminal operations around the world.

Terminal employees are key in implementing these Navis systems. To support them, Navis Training and TinQwise have jointly developed a series of interactive learning modules. These modules are part of Stack, a 'Navis Training Academy'. The Stack Academy is an innovative blended training program, unique in the global terminal industry.

The Stack Academy actively engages the learner to master a broad range of topics such as the basics of Navis N4 and XPS software, yard and vessel planning, automation, billing, and more. The result? A broad and solid knowledge foundation. Multiskilled, productive employees. A motivated workforce that is equipped for complex terminal operations.

Strong instructional foundation

Every module is based on a solid instructional framework. Learners are guided by clear and practical learning goals. This ensures high quality learning content that uses engaging storytelling. Where does the container go next? In what order, and why?

Interactive questions stimulate you to connect the dots and think for yourself. Beginners have their first exposure to the software interfaces, and are presented with relevant choices and options in a safe environment. More experienced users recognize the realistic scenarios and stay motivated. Context and credibility are powerful tools for learning.

Strong instructional foundation

Apply knowledge hands-on

The learner experiences an urgency to learn more through hands-on assignments. Which vessel do you need to select here? And how would you apply this to your own daily practice? Social questions invite reflection, comparison and confirmation with other users.

Apply knowledge hands-on

Working together, Navis Training and TinQwise developed more than twenty different interactive elements that were laser focused on this unique target audience. These interactions make the procedures practical and keep learners motivated to achieve their learning goals. 

Throughout the modules, learners are engaged using world class learning best practices that motivate them to explore and contemplate the importance of their own tasks within the context of the terminal’s business goals. There is then an immediate opportunity to put their new knowledge and skills to the test through a sophisticated testing engine.

Smooth collaborative process

The collaborative instructional development framework also ensures that new modules are produced quickly. A team of learning specialists develops the content according to instructional templates and guidelines that are designed to deliver effective instruction. The close, collaborative process provides detailed input from subject matter experts that is needed to permeate the training with real-life relevance.

Smooth collaborative process

Proven succes

Through our partnership, we have jointly developed dozens of modules, with many more topics in production and on the roadmap. The modules are highly rated by users with an NPS of 34. Based on user feedback, we continue to innovate together and hone the modules to create an optimal learning experience for learners at all levels. 

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