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Learning method:

Learning to hold a presentation in VR

The ability to hold a good presentation is an important skill. A pitch, a job interview, an event – you have only one chance to get your message across clearly.

So the best way to learn how to make a presentation is in a setting that is as realistic as possible. From now on, you can do this with the new ‘Relaxed presentations in Virtual Reality’ application that TinQwise Immersive has developed with Schouten & Nelissen. With this VR app, you can hold a presentation while interacting with an audience and you receive objective feedback straight away.

Real-time interaction

In the Relaxed presentations in Virtual Reality application, you hold your presentation in a large hall filled with people. The audience reacts to your performance in real time.

Is your voice not loud enough? Then the audience will ask you to speak louder. Does your voice sound too monotonous? Then the audience will tell you. Are you not looking at your audience often enough? Then your audience will start talking to each other instead of listening to you.

The life-like space combined with the interactive audience will give you the same feeling you’ll soon have in the hall in real life.

Real-time interaction

Objective feedback

The application also gives you an objective assessment of every presentation. For example, we measure whether you look at your audience during the presentation and for how long, how loud your voice is and whether your intonation changes during the presentation. 

At the end of your presentation, all of this information is displayed to you in graphs and as a heat map. This heat map gives you a visual impression of the direction in which you were looking during your presentation.

Objective feedback
In-app demo

What do you need?

  • Digital licence VR Training

    Unlimited online training. 

    Access to app & platform. 6-month or 12-month licence. 

    For sale through Schouten & Nelissen.


    From €99.00 

    for 12 months’ access. €149.00 per person.

  • Schouten & Nelissen Training + VR

    2-day training course. 

    4-12 Participants. 

    Also possible in-company. 

    Blended procedure. 

    Real-life training. E-coaching. 

    VR exercise. 

    From €1,950.00

  • Customised VR app

    App customised in your house style. 

    1 customised training space in 3D. 

    Own platform & back-end for users. 


    Customised tender