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VodafoneZiggo welcomes around 300 to 500 new office employees every year. How to onboard all of these people effectively and quickly? That’s an enormous challenge. And perhaps it’s an even bigger challenge to make sure that the entire company conveys the same message and shares the same values. And all of this in just 30 days? HelloYOU shows that it can be done.

The onboarding platform makes it possible to organise an optimal onboarding process. A place where both companies - Vodafone and Ziggo - come together and create one brand with one identity for new employees. To connect employees to each other and ultimately create a connection for the customer.


Just started working at VodafoneZiggo? Then you’re completely in charge of what you do on your first few days. 

The onboarding platform offers lots of short learning bites in the shape of challenges that help you get the most out of those few days. And instead of pre-packaging it in boring presentations and speeches, you’re encouraged to actively look for answers yourself. Challenge yourself. Actively connect with your colleagues and with the company.


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Every new onboardee is assigned a buddy who can help with the challenges. But the platform also challenges you to look further afield. Because who knows more about the organisation’s day-to-day operations than your colleagues? They’re the real experts. Whether you contact them personally or through the social time line in HelloYOU.

More social


People are much more open to learning before they start working in earnest. HelloYOU takes advantage of this with a pre-boarding e-zine, which is full of interesting facts about the company and tips & tricks before you start. To prepare you just that little bit better for your first day.

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The result

  • The online platform

    The online platform

  • Challenges: from taking photos to chatting over a cup of coffee

    Challenges: from taking photos to chatting over a cup of coffee

  • Learning together means making a difference together.

    Learning together means making a difference together.