Company presentation with life lesson

Talent is rare to come by, which is why recruitment and selection are so important. Especially in a competitive market like the financial service providers. How can you set yourself apart when you’re trying to bring in talent during presentations at colleges and universities? A flashy slideshow with facts about your company, your accomplishments and employee benefits won’t cut it anymore. Students are facing an important choice once they graduate: their very first job. They’re not just interested in what your company has to offer, but also whether they fit into the company culture

TinQwise Immersive and Finext developed a ‘company presentation with a life lesson’; an interactive presentation that revolves around striking up a dialogue with students. Focused on what they want but also what they have to offer. During the plenary session there are questions posed that really are dilemma’s. A scoreboard will keep track of the answers that students enter through their smart phones; the final score will be filled in by the students on a profile website. 

It’s interesting for students as they learn something about themselves and whether a job at Finext would make them happy. At the same time, Finext can immediately spot whether there’s a match.


By answering dilemma’s about every day practices at Finext, the students get a good impression of how the work is done at their workplace. As an added benefit, you can now start a conversation during the meeting that’s based on the answers you’ve already provided. 

Whether you’re a Visionary, A Go-Getter, A Culture Carrier or a (traffic) counselor: you’ll learn which characteristics belong to your personality. That’s when Finext can find out whether you’d be a good match.


More social

Instead of a monologue about their business at the beginning of the day, Finext will start up an open conversation with potentially new employees. They encourage an open and social attitude that suits the organization. 

Be honest: what is more boring than an hour of listening to some kinds of sales pitch. This is what creates a bridge from boring plainness, but you can also look for a great experience in which Finext stands out and the customers who are hooked on her treats.

More social

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