No longer a trainee: a look back

‘The major drawback? Not being able to do everything simultaneously!’

‘The major drawback? Not being able to do everything simultaneously!’

It is summer. The trainee year has come to an end. It has been a year of learning and hard work, but especially of gaining many nice and new experiences. Awaiting a fresh group of trainees for the coming year, we asked former trainee Elin Wassenaar what the trainee year was like.

Introduce yourself!

‘I am Elin. I am a technical trainee at TinQwise. It is my job to ensure that we devise concepts as a team, making optimum use of the technical possibilities that are in conformity with the client’s wishes and demands. Additionally, it is my responsibility to make sure the solution works properly.’

What was your object when you started your traineeship?

‘In previous jobs at a publishing company and a training institute, I discovered what I like best: ensuring that content finds its way to a user in the best possible way. By “the best possible way” I mean that the medium should be user-friendly and that it should look fine, but also that it should be consistent with the content. After all, the content is crucial in meeting the learning objectives. During my trainee year, it was my personal objective to find out more about the technical possibilities, so that technology not only supports the content and the concept, but also improves them even further.”

What did you learn during your traineeship?

‘How much time do we have? I have made tremendous progress in my technical knowledge. Besides, I learned what it means to work for a bureau (dynamic!), the huge variety of stakeholders involved in a project and how to deal with them, how to work in sprints, that qualities and pitfalls go hand in hand... In other words, practical knowledge, knowledge about TinQwise as a company, and how we collaborate to create great solutions. I also learned what it takes for me to go to work energised every day and to come home from work energised.’

What was the nicest thing you did last year?

‘The variety in projects is the reason why I love doing my job. It is often the clients that make a project fun, not only in terms of company or demand, but also the people who actually work there. I liked setting up an onboarding platform for Stedin, but I also got energised by making four new languages available for Live it Up! from Hunkemöller.’

What is your greatest pride?

‘The first time I took on the role of technical specialist entirely independently, in our project for Stedin. Of course not everything went as smoothly as I had wished, but it was an interesting learning process, and I still love to show people the end result.’

What is your next step?

‘I continue as a technical specialist at TinQwise to work on many other super projects and develop further. The only drawback of working at TinQwise is that you are never able to do everything simultaneously. I still haven’t tired of my field of work or my colleagues!’

What is the craziest, funniest or most beautiful memory of your traineeship?

‘When I had worked here for one month, we went to a farm in the province of North Brabant for a TinQ weekend. The theme for the Friday night party was “gold & wrong”. What people came up with was unbelievable. It appeared to be typical of how fond everybody here is of props! On every occasion, something new pops up!’

What would you like to say to people who want to do a traineeship at TinQwise?

‘If you get energised from a world that never stops and want to discover the best way to contribute to our learning solutions by doing, a traineeship at TinQwise is something for you!’

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